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Our History

In 1955, emboldened by boundless enthusiasm, and a conviction that the Okanagan could produce wines that would belong in the company of the world's finest, Andrew Kamphuis set out on his own to found the first major winery built in the valley since prohibition: Pine Wines Winery. Since then the opening of Pine Wines, we welcomed thousands of guests who have come to share in Andrew's passion for wine, food, and art.

With the release of Pine Wines’ Pinot Noir in the late 60's the world's eyes were opened to the potential of the Okanagan Valley. Andrew’s commitment to the industry and to promoting wine as part of a gracious lifestyle led to his road trip ‘mission’ where he crossed the country, educating restaurateurs, media and most of all consumers on wine's integral role in culture and civilization.

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2015 Riesling
2013 Riesling


These single vineyard wines speak of their place. Grown using biodynamic principles, influenced by the moon, and touched with sea air and sunshine, these wines are aptly named La Lune (the moon) and En Soleil (in the sunshine).   With this range,Cape Jaffa Wines adopt the philosophy of lutte raisonnée– a French expression alluding to a hands off approach in both the vineyards and the winemaking.



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